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FansBet Sports Review

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In this guide, we’re taking a look at FansBet sports betting site that is providing its services to UK punters. While the sportsbook could be deemed a new player in the arena, as it was created in 2017, it’s definitely proving to be a great provider among online betting sites.

We’ll review the different offers and bonuses this website has, the kinds of sports they host betting for, and the other features you could utilize in your long-term gambling. Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into FansBet:

Introduction to the FansBet Sports Betting Site

FansBet is a legitimate online gambling business operating in the United Kingdom with valid licences to offer their services all across the nation. While the website is relatively new to the market, they’ve managed to attract many UK players during the four years they’ve been active.

According to most online reviews by past customers, the website has some of the best odds on the market… and provides top-notch service to its loyal customers. In a bid to garner more clients, the operator has attractive deals for sportsbook lovers.

FansBet Sports Bonuses

You’re probably most interested in hearing about the kind of deals and offers this provider has for UK gamblers. Like a lot of online provider, this website is giving away amazing deals to get your foot into the door. If you’ve exhausted your offers elsewhere and looking to get an extra that will help you have an extra edge and a better chance at winning, you’ve come to the right place.

FansBet are constantly adding offers to their sportsbook to appeal to new punters. If you’ve never registered an account with this operator, keep on reading to learn more about what they have in store.

FansBet Welcome Bonus

To welcome you aboard, Fansbet is offering a free bet of £10 and 50 free spins when you place a first bet of £10. So, basically, when you spend 10 quid on the website, you get to gamble with double the amount… and still have 50 free spins to spend on their casino.

It’s honestly a decent deal to go for. Your bet has to be on a match has odds greater than 1.3. This offer only works if you live in the United Kingdom and have never used an account with this provider before.

FansBet Wednesday Risk-free Bet

On Wednesdays, the website is offering a great deal for regular betters. When you place a bet of £50 at 1.5 odds or greater, you get a risk-free bet of 10 pounds. The extra £10 bet you get will be given back to you in case you lose. So, basically, if you bet fifty quid, you’re getting back 10 in your pocket no matter what happens. You have a chance to gamble away that bet… and still keep the money if it loses.

It’s a great bonus for those betting regularly on sports events. It gives you the chance to gamble even more and risk much less. We have to give it to FansBet, they’re trying their best to please their customers.

Fansbet Betting Coverage

The FansBet sportsbook is considered one of the leading providers online, as far as coverage is concerned. The bookmakers behind this marvellous platform are constantly updating their site with the latest odds on the market.

When you’re a fansbet new customer, rest assured you’re getting the highest odds out there. In this section of our guide, we’re taking a look at how the website caters to some of the sports hosted on its sportsbook. Without further ado, let’s take about some examples:


Cricket is a very popular game in India and Pakistan. With the massive audience behind the sport, it slowly became an international phenomenon for punters worldwide. Similarly, UK players wanted to take part in the gambling hype.

Through the Fansbet sportsbook, you can bet on different cricket matches. You can tune in to place your own wagers on the ICC Champions Trophy, the Ashes, or the T20 World cup. The website hosts both international and local championships for all players from the United Kingdom to bet on.


Obviously, football should not be introduced. If you don’t know how much this sport contributes to the gambling industry, you shouldn’t be betting! Football matches in the UK bring everyone together. This also happens in the gambling world.

Through the Fansbet platform, you can get the latest updates on your favourite football matches and place your bets quite easily. You’ll find almost every tournament on earth hosted there, starting from the Premier League, The UEFA Champions League, to local markets and the World Cup.


Basketball is also in high demand as far as gambling online is concerned. A bookmaker like fansbet is keen on providing the highest quality markets to its punters. If your cup of tea is watching the NBA and cheering for your favourite team, Fansbet will not disappoint.

It’s super convenient to place your wagers on many of the tournaments hosted on this platform. You can even incorporate your bets through the builder to maximize your winnings. What are you waiting for?


It is a mixed sport which is played between two teams. It is played in different countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran. The game can be played on either a grass or cement ground depending on the conditions of the ground. Its history dates back to at least 3000 years ago when it was first mentioned in the Mahabharata.

Through Fansbet UK, you get to experience going to a local casino and placing your wagers on different Kabbadi matches and championships. You can head to the official website and check the full list of sports they have, the different markets, and what you odds you’re going to place your wagers through.

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And it doesn’t stop there! The platform is honestly massive! The creators behind Fansbet don’t want their clients to go looking for a sport anywhere else. That’s why they integrate as much different options as possible.


If you’re an avid tennis fan, you’ll find that this website doesn’t compromise the experience for those with similar preferences to you. The same high quality coverage is applied to tennis markets, and the sport is catered for highly.

You can easily place in-play bets on tennis matches, check the latest updates on your favourite games, and plan future wagers through your account. It’s honestly the Swiss-knife of any online punter.

Horse Racing

You’ll also find sports like horse racing, Fansbet fantasy football and many more! Just hover over to the Sports section, click on the button, and check the full list on the left of your screen. We’re sure you’ll find almost everything you like on there.

Live Betting at Fansbet

Another incredible feature provided by this platform is the live betting option. If you’re not familiar with this concept, you’ve probably seen it before online called ‘in-play bets.’ This feature allows you to place your wagers on a certain match even though it’s live and being played.

A lot of Fansbet UK customers have said that this feature allowed them to make wiser decisions when placing their wagers. They could predict better outcomes that are more likely to become true. Obviously, this is all down to personal preferences. If you like the extra excitement, this feature will definitely suit your style.